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Employers Supporting Working Carers

Creating a society that cares. As employers, we are critical in offering support to carers who are working and juggling care. Collaborative commitment is the future for the business and the individual.

- Carers Count 2019

In the UK, 600 carers give up work to care every day. 1 in 7 employees juggle work and care. Workers over the age of 45 are most likely to be affected, meaning employers stand to lose their most experienced team members. All of these issues create costs which can be avoided.


So, how can your organisation support working carers?


Carers Count and Carers Trust are working in partnership to build awareness of the growing need to help organisations identify and support working carers. Our aim is to promote carer-friendly workplaces, enable staff to continue working while caring for someone and prevent the loss of valuable talent for employers in Kirklees.


We can support you to access resources which help your organisation to:



For more information, or to speak with our dedicated Working Carer Partnership and Development Specialist, please get in touch on 0300 012 0231 or visit the Contact Us page.


Useful Links

Employers for Carers


Self-Assessment Form

Download this self-assessment form which can help in planning your support for working carers.


Employer Working Carers Forum

As an employer in Kirklees, we invite you to join our Employer Working Carers Forum, where you can discuss ideas and share good practices with other organisations. The forum will be held quarterly (dates and venues to be confirmed).


Contact us to register for more information.


Employers in Kirklees Supporting Carers




Looking after someone

Digital resource for working carers


Employers postcard

Kirklees Employer Forum




As an employer supporting working carers, you are not on your own. Please advise carers to contact Carers Count for information, advice and support.