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Brain in Hand

It felt like a lifeline to my own self-recovery and of great benefit in helping me to manage my mental health and the obstacles that I find challenging every day. - A Brain in Hand user in Kirklees

Digital Support: Is 'Brain in Hand' the solution for you?



Brain in Hand is a digital support system which helps people with making decisions, managing anxiety, and dealing with unexpected situations. The Brain in Hand system is a proven tool for people with mental health difficulties. It puts people in control, providing a practical solution.


Brain in Hand empowers people to easily access strategies that work for them using their phone or tablet, whenever it's needed, wherever they are. People can be supported remotely, and stay connected to their supporters (our staff, family or friends which you identify). Brain in Hand will help you to achieve your goals. For more information, please click here:


Watch a service user testimonial here:



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