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Creative Carers

Like many carers, I was not expressing my emotions and tended to keep everything bottled up. On a course, it was suggested that I “explore (my) emotions in a creative way”. Easier said than done! However the quiet and intimate nature of the Carers Count Art and Crafts group really helped meet my emotional needs at that point. I was free to experiment with colours and textures, based on how I was feeling. This proved to be a very therapeutic experience and I slowly began to return to my true self. - Andrea, carer

Creative expression can be extremely important for a carer's wellbeing and sense of identity.


There are many talented carers in Kirklees, so we would like to share just a few examples of their amazing work and ideas about activities that have helped them.


Please take a look at some fantastic work produced by our Art group members below. We also have a full gallery of the brilliant creations from our carers on our Facebook page. If you'd like to be included and for us to share your work, please get in touch. 


Maureens box decoration Garrys flower photo
Eileens landscape painting Bilals models
Maureens glass decorating Andreas cards


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'Alzheimer’s! It Should Be Outsiders'

By Jill Fawcett

1. Alzheimer’s! It should be outsiders

Cos that’s what I felt way back then

When first I thought something was happening

I’d forgotten both women and men.

I tried to stay in my own little world

And not make a fool of myself

But the more I tried to remember

The worse I thought of my health.

My brain was always tripping me up

And changing me bit by bit

I once was a very good driver

So why did they want me to quit?

I often went out with my daughter

And asked her to give me the wheel

I knew I could drive if she’d let me

And knew how good it would feel.


2. Alzheimer’s! It should be outsiders

Cos that’s what I feel sitting here

I’m thinking of church and the meetings

I’m thinking they’re all getting near

When I say to her sitting beside me

“What time had we better get ready?”

She says that I don’t have to go any more

That I must keep on taking it steady.

“Sit back and relax and watch some TV”

In this place that doesn’t feel real

I’m looked after well by the staff who work here

As they take me downstairs for a meal

I can tell that everyone’s trying to help

Cos they’re gentle and kind to me

When I don’t understand what they want me to do

They make me a good cup of tea.


3. Alzheimer’s! It should be outsiders

Cos that’s what I feel about life

I’ve forgotten my children and brother

Let alone my beautiful wife

I’m wondering why bed is so empty

When reaching to turn off the light

I get up, dress and go working

Because I’ve forgotten it’s night.

The person here with me is writing

I’m wondering what I should do

She tells me, “Everything’s going to be fine”

But really I haven’t a clue

I’ve forgotten to smile and be happy

I’ve forgotten what the heck went wrong

I’ve forgotten to say my goodbyes to you all

So she’s saying them for me. So long.


Currently featuring Richard's work

New Street during lockdown

Castle Hill sunset

Blackbird in snow