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Contingency Planning

What happens to your loved one if you fall ill?  


This is a huge concern for so many unpaid carers. It`s one of those nagging thoughts that can bring you out in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. Regardless of who it is that you care for, many carers are likely to be faced with this situation at some point during their caring role. 


It's never nice to have to consider the 'What If?' scenario. It is one of those jobs that we all keep putting off but having a plan in place can save an awful lot of stress, upset, time and anxiety at a point when you need to look after yourself.


At Carers Count we can support you to look at your options and help you to pull together a well-thought-out and considered contingency plan.  


Talking it Through

We have advocates available who can talk through your options in regards to what you would want to happen.


An advocate won't make these choices but help you and your family explore what would work for you. 


There are a number of specific tools available that you can use to write a plan: 


Further guidance on planning for an emergency can also be found on the Carers UK website.