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Meet the Mental Health Team



"I've been with the team for 16 years and I work with both carers and cared-for. I'm lucky enough to spend most of my time (when not in lockdown) in cafes, garden centres, shops, museums and the swimming baths doing a variety of things with my cared-for clients, getting them out and about in our area."



"I work with carers and their loved ones and I have done this for the past 7 years. I really enjoy my work and have helped so many families though very hard times."



"Hello, my name is Becki and I have worked with the team for nearly 4 years. I really enjoy my job role providing support to carers and cared-for in a range of different ways, which includes 1-1 support sessions, groups or signposting to other services for extra support/help if needed. I enjoy meeting people and have helped a lot of carers and cared-for through some difficult times and find my job very rewarding."



"Hello my name is Rachel and I have worked in this team for over 18 years but had experience of working in mental health and learning disabilities services for over 20 years. I am proud to have helped so many carers, clients and families through difficult times, it is such a rewarding job. I have met some lovely people on the way and hope to meet many more."



"Hi, my name is Helen and I have worked with the team since January. Prior to this I worked supporting people with learning disabilities and complex needs for 15 years. At the moment I support cared-for clients by taking them out in the the community to do things they enjoy and to give their carer a break. I am really enjoying what I do and I'm looking forward to getting back out and about once lockdown is over."




"Hi my name is Lisa. I have worked with the team since November 2019. I work with carers and cared-for in a variety of different ways, including providing 1:1 support and also groups, along with many other things. I have always worked in a caring role and this will always be my passion. I love my job and also I enjoy meeting new people along the way."




"I have worked in mental health services for 19 years, the last four years as a manager. I aim to support the team to provide the best service for carers and cared-for, and for the whole team to continue to make this a high quality and valued service."