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Carers Count Action



Carers Count Action was initially set up by Carers Count to give carers across the region their own voice to help shape the way that services are delivered and to provide feedback on the support available currently and in the future.


Taking its lead from the highly successful Kirklees Mental Health Carers Forum - which has been fundamental in helping to implement changes in local services - Carers Count Action is run in partnership with carers and we welcome all carers from across Kirklees to engage with us and help us to improve the services we offer.


Claire has been a member of Carers Count Action since its formation, and here she explains what motivated her to become involved and why it's vital that carers continue to support and join the forum.



“In terms of support, Carers Count has been fantastic for me and my family. I’m involved in a lot of projects as both a governor and a mentor and I like to be able to shape things. I’m not one to sit back and say ‘this is rubbish’ I want to be able to change things from the inside and really understand what people want. Carers Count Action allows me the opportunity to do this.


“I was already part of the Kirklees Mental Health Carers Forum which has been running for years. It’s run by carers with a really good working relationship with the trust and other care professionals, so I was keen to join when this new group was formed as I've seen firsthand the positive impact it can have.


“The forum is so important as it offers us carers the rare opportunity to share our feedback openly in a safe and non-judgmental space. It also allows us to help to shape the Carers Count services and support available to us all going forward.



“I’ve found it helpful in allowing me to share experiences and best practices with others in the area, speak to professionals that I wouldn’t usually have the access to and find out how best to access the support out there.


The forum is not a support group as such. It has clear aims and goals such as:

“I’d encourage all carers to get involved. It’s a really friendly and welcoming space and offers a rare opportunity to be able to directly give feedback to the people that plan and deliver the services we use – both good and bad. All you need to give a little of your time and it can really help to make a big difference to the way we are supported locally. Not just now, but in the future, too.”


What can you expect when you join?

An opportunity to discuss your needs and to feedback – good and bad. We aim to improve our services based on what you tell us you’d like to see happen.


Click here to find out more about getting involved in Carers Count Action.